3D People for a 3D World

by Brianna G Harte

You cannot place me in a box

and make me conform.

My personality cannot settle.

Why should art come without logic?

Why kindness without truth?

A student eager to learn

can hold a risky spirit inside

as a celebrity enjoying fame

can also desire peace and privacy.

Do not ask someone

if they are logical or creative

if they are more organized or sporadic

if they like patterns or new forms

because one-dimensional people

do not fit in a 3D world.

Can I not be strong and sensitive?

Can he not be a nerd and athletic?

Can she not be enthusiastic and quiet?

The odd ones of the universe

may be more common than you think.

They’re the ones friends

look for on the first day

and the ones companies

search for in recruitment.

I beseech everyone

to let their personality show

and be more dynamic than a block.

They can be sculptures,

and no matter what their shape,

they are works of art.

Copyright © 2015 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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