Un Regalo Abierto

por Brianna G. Harte

Un regalo que das,

Pero nunca envuelvas,

Vive en tu corazón y alma

Y tus acciones cada día.

Nada ostentoso

Pero vale el mundo,

Tejes en una vida

Hasta que la vida toma la cuerda

Y continúe lo que has tejido.

Algo que atesoras,

Aunque posiblemente no te dé cuenta

Puede ser la razón que un tejido roto

Transforme en una obra maestra.

Copyright © 2018 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved. // Derechos de autor © 2018 Brianna G Harte. Todos los derechos reservados.


An Open Gift

by Brianna G. Harte

A gift you can give,

And yet never wrap,

Lives in your heart and soul,

Your actions through and through.

Nothing flashy

But worth the world,

You weave it into a life

Until that life takes the string

And continues what you have sewn.

Something you hold dear

Though may not notice

May be the reason a broken weave

Transforms into a masterpiece.

Copyright © 2018 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

“The Knight of Xeo” – part 60: “My Verdict”

by Brianna G. Harte

With the confidence of Lytos and others at my back, I closed my eyes and waded through all that I had come to know. Initially, they tried to trick me into thinking that they were human doctors. That is, until I began to see them for what they were: dwarves. They kept me strapped against a table against my will. They used fear against me, showing me Lytos in his lamentable state to persuade me not to try to escape. They experimented on me. I was willing to believe that the glowing stone was used to manipulate me, somehow. They did something to Lytos, whatever it was. I was sure of it. It was too convenient that he would forget so much. I wasn’t sure what weapons that had electricity arcing through them did, but it was just too convenient. Even with all of that, they tried to convince me that all was well. While young, I was willing to say that I had to get away from the dwarves. I was going to escape. And if I could somehow manage it, I was going to help the others escape too.

I began to formulate a plan. The hallways were out of the question. I would only be quickly caught, and I’d be back at square one. Or worse. I turned my eyes toward the ceiling. The vent. It was fairly high up, but if I could jump as high as I could far in the other world, then I would be able to make it easy. Trying would be better than just laying here. What after the vent? I knew nothing about them. Then, I realized that very small strands of hair very lightly brushed across my face, constantly flowing up and down. The vents were carrying air into the room. It had to be carrying air from somewhere, right? If so, I could try to go toward where the air was flowing from. It made sense. At least, it would if the dwarves didn’t somehow make it fake. I couldn’t put it past them. Not with the fact that dwarves exist, that I could communicate through nature speak far away, that I could go to another world. I didn’t know enough about the dwarves to figure that out. However, I believed that I knew someone who did.

Copyright © 2018 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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“The Knight of Xeo” – part 59: “Lytos’ Trust”

by Brianna G. Harte

I sighed. I wish someone would tell me what’s going on.

I may not. . . be able to clarify. . . what happened, but. . .  I would not trust. . . the dwarves, young lady. Lytos paused. If they wished us. . . no ill will, why. . . do they draw inform-. . . -ation from us? Perhaps they will. . . not kill us here. . . but our people will. . . suffer if we tell all. Perhaps they intend. . . to find our weaknesses. . . or secrets we hold. . . firm for our people. That is why. . . I ask you to not. . . give in, young lady.

What do you suggest I do? I asked, though he could probably tell I was exasperated. You couldn’t escape. How could I? I’m just not powerful enough. Anyway, I don’t have any information. I’m probably not even the princess you’re looking for. My memory is gone, so why would they try to get any information from me? And can’t you ask others to try to escape?

I didn’t sense any thoughts from Lytos for several moments. In that time, I began to wonder why I was still kept in this dark hospital anyway. Ad’juk had said a while ago that he wanted to do experiments on me. But what could he find out from me? I still knew nothing. Not since I woke up here. I wondered what happened before I woke up. Did he gain information before that? If he found out what he needed or if he was done, then why was I still being treated like I was back then?

Young lady. . . try to make your own. . . conclusions. Whether you are. . . the princess, whether. . . you have what they. . .seek, whether. . . you can escape. I wish I could. . . help more. But you are. . . our princess, whether. . . or not you believe. . .it, so I believe. . . in your decisions.

Why do you have so much faith in me? I asked, feeling lost, but somehow strengthened by his words. I haven’t done anything special. I haven’t helped you.

Slow, even waves radiated from Lytos’ body, seeming almost. . . peaceful. The royal family. . . has always helped us. . . young lady, you were. . .not an exception, despite. . . your age. We trust. . . in you.

Even though there were so few answers to the boundless questions I had, even though I didn’t have a plan at all, even though I wasn’t sure who I really was, Lytos’ trust in me was like a trove of berries to my starving body that had been seeking nourishment for a long time. Thank you.

Copyright © 2018 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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“The Knight of Xeo” – part 58: “Lytos Continues His Tale”

by Brianna G. Harte

It was sounding like Atikana wasn’t the only one paranoid about information. I began to wonder if every xeonia I came across would be like this.

There came a day, or night – I am unsure. . . when it was as the suns’. . . lights were far from our. . . reach – that I overheard a dwarf. . . talking to another. It was terribly disturbing news. I cannot remember. . . exactly what was said, but I knew that I needed to. . .to tell someone. Whatever information I learned. . . it would affect other xeonia and. . . perhaps others. I apologize for not remembering. . . correctly, young lady.

It’s okay, I assured Lytos. What happened next?

I believe I relayed. . . the information to other xeonia nearby. . . but I was not, am not. . . strong enough to reach out to. . . those of our kingdom. Knowing that I needed to. . .to reach them, the other xeonia and I concocted. . . a plan for me to escape.

Why not all of you? I would have –

Young lady, this was. . . just not feasible. With so few of us. . . but not enough to be. . . a force to be reckoned with. . . against however many dwarves there. . . were, it was not possible, Lytos explained. Additionally, it is easier. . . for one drop of water to breach. . . through cracks unnoticed than. . . a flow of water. I was selected to. . .to go because I was the fastest of us all. . . and best at hiding. I certainly was not the. . . most skilled, so when I was caught. . . there was little hope of escape.

I sighed. How did they find you? And what did they use against you?

I do not know. . . how they discovered my location. . . but they must have used something. . . that made me unconscious and. . . immobile. I wish I could tell you more. . . but I simply do not know.

That’s okay. Thank you, Lytos.

Were you. . . able to learn from. . . my attempt?

Mostly, I admitted. Though I hoped to learn more of their attack on you. It seems that you cannot recall much from that.

No, young lady. I am sorry.

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La Luz de Tu Vida

por Brianna G. Harte

Encuentres la luz de tu vida,

Alguien que persiga las ansiedades,

Alguien que mantenga firme cuando tienes miedo,

Alguien que siempre brille,

Para que la oscuridad solo es una palabra,

Y nada más.

Copyright © 2018 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved. // Derechos de autor © 2018 Brianna G Harte. Todos los derechos reservados.