by Brianna G. Harte

Practically unknown,

I walk among you.

I may not be famous

or attract media attention

but I have something to say.

We all do.

But can we do nothing?

It depends on how much you believe in something.

Bidder 70 saw no bounds

and took a risk in the name of what’s right,

to shield a friend from embarrassment

of the destruction of beauty

and lead the world to think

about what the environment was truly worth.

Anne Frank told her story

to show the truths of fear,

fear under the rule of a dictator.

She dreamed of being heard

while stuck in a hidden corner of a house.

The citizens of Cochabamba, Bolivia

had no attention turned on them

though they had their water to fight for.

With their blood and souls,

they paid for the chance to set things right.

All of these had strength infused into their wills

to do more than watch the land

shift beneath their feet.

Unknowns make powerless the new empowered.

Copyright © 2015 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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