Reached 25,000+ Word Goal!

Hello everyone!

I have now reached another milestone of 25,000 words of my fantasy story that’s in the works! Again, I won’t publish it here, but I’m going to keep on going at it to the end.

Thank you to all of my followers for your support!

~Writing With Harte


Reached 15,000+ Word Goal!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I reached the 15,000+ word goal on a fantasy story side project! It won’t be published here, but it’s a good milestone for me on this one that I intend to finish.

Thank you for the support from my followers!

~Writing With Harte

Hiatus Update

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus. I’m currently working on an outline for a fantasy novel (as well as other work)! The actual writing will not be posted on this blog. I’m going to post the status of the writing when I get to major writing points (such as 15,000 words, 30,000 words, etc). Once I start writing the story (title in the works), I intend to start writing on this blog again.

Until then, thanks for the support!



Always with You

by Brianna G. Harte

Only moments remain

Before boarding begins

And an adventure will start,

The first without you.


Don’t say it’s the end

Of the lover’s story

Because with neverending thoughts,

Our relationship will stay strong.


When I am in the plane

And you on the ground,

Each cloud we may see

I will think of you and you of me.


With memory,

The dead live.

With faith and fidelity,

Separation has no meaning.


Remember this while I leave,

And you never need to worry.

I will always be yours,

And you will always be mine.

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

La Versión Española: Siempre Contigo

Sobreviviendo En Té

por Brianna G. Harte

Energía del té

Ojos abrochados en las páginas

La música resonando en las orejas.

Debo concentrarme, debo concentrarme.

La luz brillante cayendo hacia abajo

Distracciones paradas fuera

Atascado en una caja

Debo concentrarme, debo concentrarme.

Tanto atención tengo que dividir

Pero, ¿cuánta atención tengo

Que puede ser dividida en un millón

Y calidad con esa?

Debo concentrarme, debo concentrarme.

Viva, respire, sobreviva, sobreviva.

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved. // Derechos de autor © 2016 Brianna G Harte. Todos los derechos reservados.