“The Knight of Xeo” – part 47: “No One’s Safe”

by Brianna G. Harte


The dwarves must have captured you at some point during the war, thinking you are the princess and hoping to gain information about the kingdom from you. All that they could gather could tip future battles in their favor. As for other xeonians, they would be all too eager to call any child without a home their young lady.

Torret began to tilt toward the left, letting the wind push against his soft brown and black feathers. Beneath my hands, I felt his neck muscles shift enough for me to readjust my hold or else I could have fallen off. The land around us was no longer a blur, and my senses took all of the beauty of nature that surrounded us with relief. Woods lined the edges of the shore as clumps of long plants jutted out of the water along its edges. Creatures of the forest chatted away to their young, with the birds singing songs of friendship and love. Several animals swam at the water’s surface while others busied themselves on the dry land. Not as many people were around this area, and it seemed that those that were nearby didn’t notice Torret flying so close by.

You don’t sound too convinced.

I have been disappointed by far too much in my lifetime, Torret explained sullenly. Sometimes, it is better for me not to get my hopes up.

If you think I’m no one special, why are you flying me around? I would have figured out something eventually to get out of that hospital. How I would do that wasn’t developed before Torret arrived, but I didn’t let him know these thoughts.

Someone else thinks you might be something, but would like to see the truth personally.

Is this the person who’s been speaking to me in this reality?

It is the same one who asked me to get you and guide me to her.

Her? I thought the other person was male. The voice, or at least the voice I interpreted, seemed like a man’s. Then, I recalled the first time I awoke in the underground cavern, surrounded by snakes. Thinking about them gave me chills. When they had attempted to communicate with me in the first place, I initially felt them come in as, what, clouds of thought? I guess all sounds coming in seem like clouds of thought and I’m just interpreting them as some voice or another. The funny thing is that it just feels right to imagine your companion as a female. In this reality, it just always seems to be the other.

She does something in order to deceive those trying to determine who she is. The easiest of deceptions is change of sex.

But why would she want to or need to do that in the first place?

Remember how I said that the dwarves trying to learn anything from the princess could give them an upper hand in battles? It is similar for my companion. If they discover her location, a downfall for the other world would be eminent.

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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