“The Knight of Xeo” – part 40: “Searching for Escape Plans”

by Brianna G. Harte


Wait a second. I don’t even know if I can escape again. Don’t start planning out things yet.

You must try, young lady. For the sake of us all, you must try.

I took a deep breath in as I tried to convince myself that I had no choice. As I exhaled, my soul began to tingle and for a brief second, I thought I heard over a hundred voices crying for help. I’m trying too hard to convince myself. Ad’juk may be feared by other dwarves like Ermaj, but it doesn’t mean that he’d be so horrible as to imprison that many, right?

At that point in time, I couldn’t figure out what he would or wouldn’t do, so I tried not to think about it too much. Since whoever that person was really was so adamant about me leaving, I decided to focus on that instead. Not wanting to be caught again, I took more time to look around the room. The light from the stone beside me definitely helped. I could see corners I assumed were simply empty corners.  Instead, there seemed to be one gate low to the ground on each, though they weren’t nearly large enough for me to crawl through.

I could see the ceiling now too, as long as I strained my neck upwards. It was actually a lot higher than I expected. I wouldn’t be able to reach it even if I stood on the table. A large metallic air vent snaked high up from one end of the room to the opposing wall. The one opening to this room was wide enough to fit someone like me, but there was a large problem. A series of slanted horizontal blade-like objects made it impossible for me to even get in the opening. Seeing as unless I ran through the hallway, which would surely lead me to bump into Ermaj and Ad’juk, I had no other way out. I had to figure out some way to remove those blades. I didn’t imagine I was a strategist at my juvenile age.

The person who had been talking to me had escaped before must have had some method. After taking a deep breath, I thought hard, How did you get out?

Young lady, are you talking to me?


I undid the straps that held me against a table I had been on and found that they were actually large buckles. In order to deceive my captors, I used the buckles to hit the air duct that connects the rooms together so that it appeared that I would have escaped that way. Instead, I caused a commotion with the grille falling and ran outside the room. I ducked into the closest room, and after it quieted down, I made a run for it. As you know, it was an unsuccessful attempt. He paused. Do you think you’ll try to escape? How?

I closed my eyes, trying so hard to come up with some idea. I don’t know yet.

You will have to be fast, young lady. If you give them time to react, it will not work. It might also help if you had more time alone. I am under constant surveillance of those dwarves, so I cannot help distract them. I apologize for that. Hmm. . . Perhaps that would work.


You know that with nature speak, we can converse with animals, yes?

Maybe. I’ve only dreamed I could.

You can in this world too. Give me a little time to prepare. In the meantime, come up with a plan to escape. Be ready to act soon.

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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