“The Knight of Xeo” – part 38: “Vulnerable”

by Brianna G. Harte



“Who is the disembodied man?”

I didn’t have an answer ready. Repeatedly, I opened my mouth to speak, but thought better of it.

When I gave no response, he seethed. “Who is the disembodied man?” This time, anger resonated in his voice and each word was said so clearly, so forcefully, I thought that the room would shake.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” My voice wavered, and I couldn’t help it.

“Oh, but I think you do. And I’ll find out.”

“Why does it even matter? I’ve been dreaming.” It was impossible for me to say the last part with any conviction. I didn’t really know what it was. It was easier for me to say it was another reality or some other world or even a dream, but I still had no idea. As a result, I couldn’t even lie about it because I had no idea if it indeed was a lie, let alone make it a bold-faced lie.

“Because of your lack of memories, I suppose you wouldn’t realize this. Whimsical dreams belong only to humans. And as Ermaj for some reason told you,” Ad’juk said while glowering at the poor dwarf still standing at attention, “You are not. Instead, you have visions or venture into other realities, as you can put it. And as for why it matters, it does not concern you personally.”

I huffed. “Would it kill you to tell me anything? I don’t even know what is going on in these so-called realities.”

Ad’juk’s huge hand began to stroke his messy beard. “I will think about it. In the meantime, I need to have a word with Ermaj. You’ll stay right there.”

I can’t even move. Does he think I’ll suddenly just walk around?

As Ermaj’s soul seemed to shudder as he turned to leave. While he maintained his composure, each step lagged as though dreading the talk.

The door had just barely been closed when the voice from before began to communicate in my mind. What has happened to make you so unnerved, young lady?

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. My breathing slowed, and with each beating of my heart, I felt my soul escape further and further away from physical attachments. The atmosphere thinned, soon to be filled with the waves and clouds of thoughts and feelings from all around. I can do this, I thought. Sure, I had only actually done it once before, but I at least knew that I could speak through nature. When the feeling of restriction was mostly alleviated, aside from a vision of the glowing stone flashing across my vision and attacking me, I attempted to respond. Other than being frustrated once more, nothing new. The dwarf Ad’juk was asking about someone I had been hearing in this other reality I’ve been traveling to.

As soon as he responded, I breathed a sigh of relief. This is not good. Young lady, don’t tell him anything. If he is interested in learning about it, he could gain the upperhand on our people. At least, more than he already has. Perhaps this was why they stole your memories. Without them, you are vulnerable.

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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