“The Knight of Xeo” – part 34: “Shrouds of Mysteries and Rumors”

by Brianna G. Harte


The tone of his voice was so sincere that I almost believed he was genuine. “You are far safer there than you would be in those halls. That stone offers more light than the entire underground city does in total.”

“I would feel safe if I wasn’t forcibly put on a table like some experiment. I would feel safe if I knew what was going on. I would feel safe if I wasn’t surrounded by strangers who won’t even give me a straight answer,” I declared. My arms instinctively rose to fold my arms, though they were quickly met with resistance. “And that stone is no safe haven. I can’t describe exactly what it’s doing, but it’s not just a light source.”

His eyes squinted while his head tilted slightly. “What do you mean, young lady? What could a stone possibly do besides glow?”

My mouth stood agape. How was it possible that he did not feel the stone gnawing at his soul as it was doing to mine? “You can’t be serious. Cut the act. What makes your soul different from mine? I can’t believe that the stone discriminates against which souls it gnaws at.”

Ermaj opened his mouth and then closed it soon after. As his eyebrows furrowed, his large black pupils, which from my distance seemed to take over where his irises would be, moved to the corner of his eye. A few glances were stolen at the stone, in which case his furrowing increased. “You mean to tell me that this harmless stone impacts spirits directly? I don’t get it. How could this be? And you yourself must be kidding about our souls being similar.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, clearly a dwarf is far different than a xeona, especially one who naturally connects with nature as you do,” he said, as a ridiculous smile grew on his shaking head. “Surely your parents told you that.”

“Hold on,” I told him. “That other guy said something about dwarves. You’re one? And I’m a, what did you call it, a xeona? What does that mean?”

“Okay, I’ll play your game, young lady. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t remember anything, but I shall tell you anyway,” Ermaj said, shrugging his shoulders. “You come from the Kingdom of Xeo, where most of your people commune with nature, as tales tell us. I have never understood how it works really. All I have heard is that you are able to talk to others from afar and to various woodland creatures. Is that right? Can you actually do that?”

Maybe the other place I have been going to is actually real too. Maybe what I was just doing was linked with how I spoke with the snakes. But why do I go to another place that could be as real as this one? Did xeona, if that was really what I was, have the ability to move between different realities or worlds?

“Young lady?”

“Maybe. . .”

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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