“The Knight of Xeo” – part 21: “Chilling Changes”

by Brianna G. Harte


At the end of that hallway, we came across a room where it came from. I watched a man only in rags lying on a table with scars across his body. They weren’t in any particular pattern, though I wasn’t sure I wanted to know where they were from. His face displayed continual anguish. Wires linked stickers on his body and screens, which I could not read.

The doctor spoke aloud while facing the scene, unfazed. “A month ago, this man attempted to leave his room. A perfect. . . subject. Except he ran into an unpleasant surprise for him and ended up with large injuries.” He turned to me with a disturbing smile. “Best you not follow his fate.”

As the doctor and his accomplice attempted to lead me away, I maintained my stare at the figure as though attempting to feel a connection. Questions as to why he might have tried to escape, what he could have possibly run into, and countless others bounced around in my mind. I wished to look into his eyes and see what lay within them. With his face contorted in pain, this was impossible. Before I was pushed away, a little tattoo along the side of his neck caught my eye.

“Kasha, you must remain in your room,” the doctor cautioned me. “This man will keep watch in the meantime.”

The thought sent shivers down my spine. “All I wanted was to see everything.”

“Keep your curiosity in check or you’ll end up like him,” he commanded sharply.

No further words were spoken on the subject on the way through the hallway. Once the doctor opened the door to the room, a bright light flooded the hallway. Instinctively, I turned away at the sight. Unfortunate to say that I had been underground so long that my eyes weren’t accustomed to light, but there I was. I forced myself to look while I was pushed forward. It seemed that there was a little bit of a change, namely the medical equipment and the chair. There was no sign of a tool utilizing needles. Instead, a pedestal topped with a blue stone emitting light was propped near the thin bed. A chilling aura surrounded it. Every bit of my body repelled at the sight, especially my lower back and left shoulder blade. I couldn’t figure out why, but at that moment, I was also focused on the single chair placed near a corner of the room. Annoyingly, it appeared far more comfortable than the table I had been strapped to previously.

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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