“The Knight of Xeo” – part 12: “Gone”

by Brianna G. Harte


All forty or so snakes started to make their way toward an earthen wall, waving their bodies back and forth on the ground. None hesitated in a dive straight through it.

“What do I do? I can’t go through tiny holes!”

No answer.

I guess this animal or reptile telepathy was restricted by distance. Why not? Slumping against the wall was my only option. My head fell back against the wall, and as it hit, a wall of dirt fell.

With support quickly disappearing, my body lurched backwards as earth came down. Seconds later, I was buried, arms and legs essentially pinned down. Each breath led to dirt flying into my nose. Each attempt to free my body lead to more weight falling on top of it. Anything I tried left me increasingly frustrated and afraid. Breathing became harder with each second.

Determined not to die from a wall collapsing, I moved whatever I could. Get me out of here. Please! No snakes answered. Faith waned as I fought with no results. I was going to die soon. Too much dirt infused my nose. The earth was too heavy for me to move. Just when I was about to  give up, I heard a muffled voice.

None of the words could be understood. I wondered if it was time to go.

More voices could be heard. Earth began to shift. My body began to lose feeling.

A voice I could understand broke through. Others have come.

It will be alright.

I strained to think, to tell them that it was not alright. I could hardly breathe anymore.

Moments later, a large load of dirt was lifted off my body. Louder voices, still incomprehensible, could be heard. I could weakly process one thing: it was not a language I knew. However, it wasn’t the only thing I couldn’t process. Everything seemed fuzzy. In the midst of my confusion, something held onto me firmly, carrying me somewhere.

My eyes wouldn’t open, my arms and legs wouldn’t move. I could, though, feel the wind.

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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