“The Knight of Xeo” – part 10: “Air of Uncertainty”

by Brianna G. Harte


Instead, my head began to spin. As I collapsed, the doctor rushed to catch me. My last look in the earthen cave was at a scruffy beard surrounded by scars.


The room I woke up in next smelled of something I could not name. Possibly because I still could not think straight. What I could process made me wish I hadn’t.

My arms were buckled down to a bed with needles pinching into my skin. A liquid unknown to me ran through my veins. Dry air circulated through to my lungs, making me suck on saliva to compensate for the lack of moisture. An odd mix of silence and faded rumbling taken into my ears. Perhaps no one was around. In the corner of my eye, blue light flowed out of the cracks of a room. I missed the underground room I was in, however unreal it may have been.

Not a single person met me. Hours passed without a single word. I stared at the ceiling, attempting to think of where I could be. Not much came to mind. Boredom and distaste for what was being done with me without me knowing led me to close my eyes. The image of the cavernous room came to mind. Sleep. Just go to sleep. Escape this world.

I don’t know how long it took. Maybe I was trying too hard. Maybe whatever was being forced into my blood impeded my chances. I wasn’t going to give up though. Eventually, I was going to escape the world I was in.

*    *   *

Is she alright?

What happened to her? She looks ill.

Is this normal for people like her?

Thoughts entered my mind from beyond myself, ones that had become familiar.

Her eyes! She’s awake! We should get her a fruit to swallow!

Upon blinking my eyes, I noticed a ring of snakes surrounding me, lying closer than before though still at a distance. The general consensus of concern touched me. How I wished it to be reality.

“Is this a dream?”

Why would this be a dream?

“I should have known that, whether a dream or reality, I would get that response. Look, I need time to think.”

You had gone very still for so long. Your skin turned ashen. What happened to you? We’re just concerned.

“Why would a bunch of snakes be concerned? That doctor wasn’t concerned. If a human wasn’t, why would a reptile?” The words left a taste of dirt in my mouth.

An unsure hum of thoughts surrounded me. Because you acknowledge us, interest us. We are drawn to you.

Copyright © 2017 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

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