On Edge

by Brianna G. Harte

Walking alone, mind focused on only one thing with all else lagging, chills in the air ran wild. Her path shined in the street lights, the dampening of the grass on either side mimicking her spirits. Seven hours of frustration-ridden work and studying lay behind her.

The winds picked up around her, and a whiff of cologne infused her nose.

Maybe it’s just coming from the library and someone has just left. They’re going the other way, though, she told herself. Just make it home. A nice, cozy apartment with heat and hot cocoa.

Five more minutes and the smell didn’t go away. In fact, it seemed to get stronger. Faintly, something rattled in a bag as though tossing and turning against a solid book. She tried to ignore it, but as the sounds rang louder and the stench seemed undeniably close, this proved far more difficult to do. Gritting her teeth as she sensed a hand reaching out, she thought, I have heavy books in this bag, and I’m not afraid to –

Someone screamed.

“Jody!” She exclaimed angrily. “I could have pummeled you!”

“No kidding. Say, Lilan, could you calm down?”

They stood face to face as the book bag fell down slowly.

“Sorry, a lot has been going on lately. Exams haven’t helped.”

“What have you got going on?” Jody asked as her hands tucked into her coat pockets and face burrowed into a soft purple scarf.

Lilan thought about last night, the night before that, and essentially the whole week. She won’t be able to understand, or really want to know. It would be too much for her to process. “Oh, just a lot of work going on.”

Jody simply laughed, tossing her head of auburn hair backwards. “No way that’s true. Let me guess, boyfriend troubles?”

If only it was something so simple.

Copyright ©2016 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like read more of this story or any other short story I’m writing over the next month! Now that the semester is coming to an end soon, I’ll be able to write more, so make sure to comment!


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