by Brianna G. Harte

Walking down the street, hidden in the shadows of the buildings, he guarded his cloth bag crossed over his chest. Rattling sounded with each step toward a worn-down building. His heart pumped fast as his alert eyes scanned every person in sight. Their own stares weighed him down. He held his bag tighter as his pace quickened. A man dressed in a dark hoodie sitting against a brick wall took notice and began to follow him, enthralled by the mystery of the shoulder bag. The building sighted, the man made his move and roughly tore the bag away, tearing some of the strap in the process. With his prize in his hands, the hooded one took off. The other attempted to pursue him, but found it impossible and slumped, defeated. The man ran for a few more blocks before ducking into an alleyway. A mystery was to be uncovered. What riches awaited him, he soon found out. The hooded man’s excitement transformed to confusion. He peeked out into the street he ran down, noticing the youth’s hands covering his face. Rather than pristine from washing, random black smudges ran across his hands. His clothes wore the same appearance. The hooded man looked back into the bag and nodded. With worn-down sneakers, he made his way back to the youth. Carefully, he set down the bag. A nod of understanding passed between the two before they parted, a dim light beginning to flicker amongst the shadows.

Copyright ©2016 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Treasured

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  2. tanyaG says:

    Very exciting…makes me want to read more.


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