A Letter: Avoiding or Facing the World, Yourself

Letter to: Anyone that will listen


Which is better? To avoid that which is feared to approach those that do not seem to have a chance to stand up to that which is feared? Sometimes, faith that something better will take hold to a situation is not enough by itself, so we must decide which path to take. Hard questions begin to unfold once we realize this. Tell me, what would you do? Escaping a choice may be a choice, but does falling away from what you could have an impact on make anything better? I ask this as one who still has a long way to go. I ask this as one who faces indecision and must act. I ask as the one who has heard others declare that they would rather abstain than take charge.

I am not saying act rashly. That seems to never work out very well for anybody. However, there is a time to decide. Don’t let fear drive your actions. Think about the options and which is shines in more ways than one. Pick not the blueberries in the nearby bush when a field filled with it lies just up the ridge.


Thank you for listening.



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