Listening to What Matters: A Letter

by Brianna G. Harte

Letter to: Anyone that will listen

Not too long ago, people strived for excellence, not for a paycheck. Men and women inspired others to do more, to do something about problems. Wisdom from the elders was passed onto the youth. Information came from the respected, the trusted. What happened?

If I had a job in which I had to sell a product, do you know what I would be told? Focus on the finances. Sad to say, it speaks louder than health sometimes. Even louder than the future. And unfortunately, it’s what ends up having the tighter fist. It seems that wads of money dangling in front of people’s faces influences their decisions more than others that those very people are responsible for. Sure, money makes you rich. The funny part about it all is that typically, it doesn’t make one happy. If you can’t feel proud of what you’ve done, if you’ve lost the support of those that matter and gained the dependence upon big dollars, how can you be the person you are anymore? Pride may be a vice, but if greed takes its place, is that somehow going to erase the disappointment it shall leave in its tracks?

Don’t watch the world dissolve into bags of money taking the place of beauty, of the value of life, of honor. Bystanders are part of the problem. Do you want to be a bystander? I beseech you to start talking. Dare to debate. Seek out the reasons why. In the process, don’t lose yourself. A blind alley where one forgets to search for the value of life can be a very lonely one, so focus. Don’t be rash. Don’t bring danger about. Instead, bring reason. If you have a mouth, use it. If you can hear, listen to the worthy. If you can see, look for someone you can trust.

You were not meant to be a bystander. You were not meant to be controlled by money. You were made with a mind. Use it. Remember what matters.

Be inspired.

Be inspiring.


Someone hopeful

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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