To Hide in Plain Sight

by Brianna G. Harte

Sometimes to be hidden,


Waiting to be recognized,

Has more perks

Than one could ever believe.

For if I conceal myself

Beneath surroundings not given thought,

Maybe, just maybe,

Time to myself or to be understood,

Could be a slither away.

You don’t believe me?

I beseech you

To proclaim your thoughts

Of when others look down on you,

Place judgment of looks and actions

Upon your head

Before they’ve known you

For longer than five seconds.

I may not be an expert,

But I have seen enough.

More people pass by

Gawking at me,

Once they have discovered me.

But they know me not well,

For if I lay quietly in my surroundings,

Only once they fathom my talents

Will they find me,

And all can be well.

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved.


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