Enough is Enough

by Brianna G. Harte

I don’t think I’m blind

But sometimes all I see is hate,

Swirling all around

In people’s minds,

Especially as of late.

I’m not telling you this

Thinking perhaps you don’t know,

As it is difficult

to not hear

When the newly dead’s names lie in a row.

Maybe you are thinking

That maybe enough is enough,

But what have you done

To act on this,

With some people callous and rough?

I beseech every one of you

All across the world

If you share a dream

Of a world of peace, then make it,

And not a place where fear unfurled.

Violence is not the answer

And never shall it be

For your sight shall not

Come back from hatred

If you act on it so brutally.

Enough is enough,

Do you hear the choirs say?

These words ring aloud,

May killers not be proud

For we will fight for a better day.

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved.


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