In Balance

by Brianna G. Harte

You let me play

Upon the shore

Where castles could triumph

Or crumble to their very cores.

My hands and feet

Little they may seem

Crashing in the sand

Messier than you could dream.

You reached out your hand

When the day was done,

But something held me back,

And it was not the sun.


The pup right there

Standing in the wake

With three legs to hold him

And yet there was no mistake.

For wobble he did not,

His balance was fine,

Though he waited, watching,

Without a collar or sign.

With your hand reaching out,

I hesitated as did he,

And asked you I did

If we could take along company.

You did not speak,

Though I do not know if you would,

As I crawled to the puppy

Hugging him whether or not I should.

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved.


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