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Hi everyone!

As you may know, I write fiction and poetry, with the main enjoyment lying in fantasy. On my blog, I write poems and short stories. Some of these lie unfinished. This isn’t because I’m giving up on them. I’m just leaving them to be bigger behind the scenes! There’s a story I’ve been writing that’s 25+ pages long, and it’s not the only one I plan on writing! I’d love to publish a novel one day.


Here’s a little excerpt of a story I’m writing, called “The Land of the Dwalves”:

Two voices rang in my mind perpetually as the battle wore on. They seemed familiar, although I do not remember  hearing  either before.

“Who are you?” I tried to ask them with a huff.

Before I could receive a reply, the scene shifted.

A cloud of dust blanketed a vast ruin of something gigantic. Mounds of thick tan pieces of walls were scattered about the land as if the building or buildings were torn apart and thrown without a care. Underneath some of the wreckage lay fallen trees with all of their leaves strewn across the dead ground. There must have been over forty trees, all destroyed by the fallen buildings. What could have caused this?

I walked slowly through the path of destruction in shock and curiosity. Settling my hand upon one of the walls, I did not expect anything special. However, a cold jolt of electricity flew from the wall and into my body, chilling my entire system as if hit by a blizzard. It was weak, though. Lasting no more than three seconds, it must have been one of the remnants of the buildings that was stubborn to leave.

Maybe it used to protect this place, I speculated. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like there was anyone around to ask. As far as I could see, the eerie feeling of death floated around and the complete silence encompassed  the land.

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved.

I hoped you enjoyed this! Please follow my blog so that you can read more of my stuff like this! You’ll also get updates as I’ll post my progress on stories I write like this as I go.

That’s all for tonight!
Thanks to all my followers in supporting me on my journey to pursue my passion while studying in school to help preserve the environment.



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