Making a Choice and a Difference: A Letter

by Brianna G. Harte

Letter to: Anyone that will listen

Imagine that you are looking at the world. You want to make a change. You don’t, though. Ask yourself why. Are you not willing to change it? Do you think that you are unqualified? Do you believe that one person cannot make any differences? Believe one thing. If you believe that it will make a better world, that it can bring about peace, that an incredible problem at your doorstep can be confronted, what is holding you back?

In the present day, as in the past, nothing is perfect. I mean, is violence necessary? If you could decide whether we have to fight or can reconcile with our neighbors across the world, what would you choose? Think about the environment. Should it be doomed to die? If you were given the chance to preserve it, would you?

Little actions we make can make a difference. When there are enough of us fighting for the improvement of our world, things can change. Tell a friend that he or she should turn off the lights and walk outside for a bit. Tell a family member that they can recycle and reuse plastic bottles, cardboard, etc. Tell people online that they should think twice before pulling a trigger. If this is not the world you want to live in, the word must be spread. Not through fear. Not through pain. Not through death. Not through exclusion.

Making a difference isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible.

Think about it.


Someone that cares

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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