Inaction Should Not Be An Option

by Brianna G. Harte

Letter to: Anyone that will listen

I’ve been thinking about an issue that has been brewing for some time now, boiling over the course of a few months. Created out of hatred, fear, and disgust, it tips the balance of a scale, the scale belonging to the country. When people despise a policy or a person, whoever that may be, there are two paths they may take. 1) They can simply not support it or him/her. 2) They can support what they think is right.

For example, say that PJ wants to outlaw free speech in the United States. Seeing as the majority of the country exercises that right to new degrees continually, there would be few advocating for a change in the constitution. Now if they decide not to support it, sure, there will be a loss of millions of votes for this. However, if they do not vote for a different policy that says to ensure free speech is for everyone, as this is not implied by opposing the outlawing of free speech, then it is still possible that free speech can be outlawed. How would you feel? Simply sitting back and watching to see if others will have the guts to make sure that the votes that are not bought or persuaded cannot continue without a fight . . . it seems easy. At times, a single vote may not mean a whole lot. However, they do add up. If say 300 people vote to outlaw free speech and now a million people decide to ensure free speech for everyone, the scale is tipped.

Think about a certain issue in politics right now in which the decision for the entire nation would be greatly influenced on whether or not people vote. Think about a crime done by a gang, where a few members of a gang can decide someone’s fate. Think about anything you can make a difference for.

We all have voices. However insignificant we think they are. Whether you believe you are a nobody or the head of a company, whether you have been in the papers or have been sitting behind a desk, whether you are a single child or one of a dozen, your opinion matters. We all have to show what’s on our mind. Simply standing by should not be an option. If you want something to improve for the world that affects more than just you, the Earth is not going to move on its own. It takes many more.

What is your choice?

Good luck.


Someone that cares

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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