A Powerful Controller

by Brianna G. Harte

Goal: Write a story in 10 minutes.

Restrictions: None.



The entire world held in balance as two brothers fought over a game controller. It wasn’t an ordinary controller though. As one grew far more interested in science fiction and the future, he had developed a way to control much more than a video game. It seemed as though it could manipulate people who wore metal anywhere on their body, or at least close to it. Somehow, he was able to send electricity through the controller to the metal, giving him slight control of the body part of the person, where the piece was.

What began as a simple curious exploration in technology became much larger than that. Discovering the ability was one thing. Selling it as an idea at a convention was another.

Both knew that no one would appreciate the inventing brother’s talents for technology. There was far too much of it, and it wasn’t made by machine. Quite ironic because only a few decades prior, people relied on man-made and machine made products almost equally. Another problem was that he had not made a draft of it on his computer, which would have been near impossible anyway. It was incredulous to him that anyone could show in a design how electricity could control a human. Sure, he could show the schematics. He could show the simple sketch of the physical parts of the controller. But he also couldn’t. His brother feared that someone would multiply the technology. Unfortunately, neither had much faith in people wouldn’t abuse such a device. Only one person set to make things right by simply changing the bad behaviors of those who either could not control themselves because of their mental states or simply making robberies and the like less of a hassle.

There was a problem.

The brother who couldn’t invent saw it first.

He grabbed and grabbed for the controller, trying to make sure that it would not be given to the woman of a leading industry in the city. She did not have a compassionate past, and who knew what she would do with that kind of technology.

Another grab.

It was futile. And it decided the fate of humanity.

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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