Moving to other stories!

Hi everyone!

Since I’ve been writing two stories, “On the Other Side” and “The Aijan Codes”, both fantasy / sci-fi, for several months now, I was thinking of moving on to other stories soon. I’ll be writing them on the side and hope to release them edited and completed a little later on. Watch out for updates!

What genre would you like the next stories to be? Please understand that I can’t use your ideas, but I’m open to suggestions on genre. Let me know in the comments!

Links to stories / work by genre:

Fantasy / Sci-Fi: “On the Other Side”; “The Aijan Codes”

Realistic: “An Unwelcome Surprise”

Historical (sort of): “Chatting with Socrates: Life and Love”

Short stories: “Departures and Arrivals”

Follow me for updates on stories and to read more of the thing I love to create: writing! And thank you to my followers and supporters!


Please note: The writing on my blog is by Brianna G. Harte and belongs to her. Do not copy, print, sell, reproduce, etc. any content found on this blog. Any photos with a symbol of the blog are owned by Brianna G. Harte. Thank you.


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