The Door You Build

by Brianna G. Harte

We can always wait forever

for things we want to change

as bad as Mahatma Ghandi wanted peace.

But if all we did was sit by the door,

waiting for a love to show,

there is no guarantee that our wishes will be fulfilled.

It’s hard to hear, and even harder to do,

but there are some dreams that must be chased.

If your heart truly desires something,

why not put your energy toward that something?

You can’t passively sit and wait,

though you can’t just be desperate.

When you build your door,

you must be proud of it.

Don’t settle for a door of plastic,

easily torn away by a storm.

Make it sturdy.

Decorate it.

Don’t forget to put hope in a hanging wreath.

Don’t forget to put confidence on the welcome mat.

And above all, don’t forget to be right behind your door,

ready to welcome the opportunity you’ve worked hard for.

Copyright © 2016 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


One thought on “The Door You Build

  1. anag7 says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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