Dangerously Copied – a dabble in sci-fi

by Brianna G. Harte

Several months ago, Emer held a large check in her hand, overjoyed that her grandfather could be saved. For too long, he had awaited treatment for the new disease he had contracted from the specimens he had been testing. His heart could not take too many more treatments. Only one could cure it all, and it would cost him more than he could afford, more than anyone in his family could afford. With the ever-increasing price of living in the spaceship, there was not much that they could have done.

The empowerment of the extraction done that day gave hope to her family. Perhaps it wasn’t too late. When Emer paid for the operation, no one could believe how she could have earned the money. Not unless. . .

“You were paid to be cloned?” her mother exclaimed, appalled.

“It’s okay! They’re only doing it for research,” Emer proclaimed. “And this way, Grandpa can get rid of his disease once and for all.”

A hand was placed on her shoulder. “Dear, that was nice of you, but that’s very risky.”

“There’s nothing to worry about!” she insisted. “Grandpa gets his operation and the scientists can do their research to help us. Everybody wins. Don’t you want your dad to live?”

The words shocked her mother into speechlessness and the matter closed.

Recently, Emer smiled with a healthy old man, hugging him tight. “I love you, Grandpa.”

“I love you too,” he said.

Their warm silence that followed broke almost immediately, and their beautiful view of the cosmos was shattered by a large screen with a video taken with a high-definition video camera outside of the main corridor. The sound of crashes filled the room, soon muffled by a voice. “All citizens please stay alert. Four experiments known as A0034, A0035, A0202, and A205, cloned from a donor, who shall not be named, have broken from the Washington Genetic Research Institute. Scientists say that they were given the knowledge of regular humans, and had recently been downloaded with emotions and cognition similar to the donor, which could have caused them to lose control. Reporter in the main corridor, Correy Juvrill, with an update on the damage done by the clones.”

While the video zoomed in on the clones, Emer gasped. All had her auburn hair, thin figure, and bronze skin. Their faces reminded her of when she was truly annoyed at the robots instructing the class because they had taught classes faster than she could comprehend. Their impaling of property with their fists reminded her of when she punched a pillow after finding out that someone stole her hologram project the day before it was due, though the damage they caused left significant dents into buildings.

“Trudy, it seems as though their brains could not take in so much new information as they were obedient and submissive to the researchers at the institute,” Correy said on the video. “The police are being sent out with tasers and electromagnetic guns to collect the clones. Do not interact with these incredibly dangerous experiments.”

“I wonder what they did at the institute that would make them so angry,” Emer thought aloud.

Copyright © 2015 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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