Question about Art & UPDATE: “The Aijan Codes: Chapter 2, Part 4”

I’ve updated my tale in fantasy/sci-fi once again!

Here’s an excerpt!

“Pushing myself off of the desk was like trying to run quickly underwater: enormous effort for little movement. Needles seemed to prick every soft tissue I had, especially at my hands. My elbows buckled under an invisible weight. My knees, too, refused to support weight. Too much pain sparked too many neurons. It was one of the few times I wished I was human, not Qi Merovan or any other race.”

Follow this link to read “The Aijan Codes, CHAPTER 2.” To go straight to the section I edited, go to Part 4 centered in the page!

Thank you to my lovely readers and followers! I hope you have enjoyed my writing!

QUESTION! Would you like drawings to accompany “The Aijan Codes,” “On the Other Side,” and/or poems I write? Please let me know in the comments! Some samples of what I have done for pieces are attached. (Please note that they would take time, and thus may not be posted every week.)


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