Chatting With Socrates: Life and Love

by Brianna G. Harte

Diomedes: What are you doing, Socrates? You are just standing in the agora, talking to yourself.

Socrates: What is your name, young man?

Diomedes: They call me Diomedes.

Socrates: Well, Diomedes, I am pondering the universe, searching for the truth in every piece of life. But what is life? Tell me that, Diomedes.

Diomedes: It is the ability to live, experiencing love, sorrow, tragedy, and wonder throughout time.

Socrates: What is love?

Diomedes: It is the feeling of happiness when you are with another.

Socrates: Is feasting love, then?

Diomedes: No, I would not think so. You are with so many people, the feeling can be of simple companionship. Love is deeper, more wholesome.

Socrates: Jubilation over winning a battle is deeper than simple companionship, would you not say?

Diomedes: It is not the same. Love requires dedication to another person, does it not? It is the feeling of attraction, knowing another piece of you has been laid in the form of another.

Socrates: Do Lord Zeus and Lady Hera not experience love?

Diomedes: If that question were to be answered, thunderbolts may fall from the sky and obliterate the answerer. We must leave that question aside. Before you ask of any of the other gods, I must leave. I wish you well on your journey to thoughts beyond the scope of normal thoughts.

Copyright © 2015 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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