Look at Our Shadows

by Brianna G. Harte


I found this comment while watching a video, and I deeply felt the need to say something. Whether or not I am for-war, a certain religion, or a certain ethnicity, I cannot go without saying some words.


Look at our shadows

are they not all the same?

Why should some with disagreeable acts,

cause others to be of blame?

You can move your shadow

and I can move mine,

you can act and so can I.

This is seen clearly without being divine.

The words of some people,

whether American or Iraqi,

can please others of the same race

and make it seem as though they all agree.

We all have our views,

in all our races and religions,

though they can all vary;

we do not have minds of pigeons.

We can think for ourselves,

and what I say is true,

that some people can fight for others

and some can talk like you.

Not all of a race is right,

but not all of a race is wrong,

please don’t blame others

and generalize all along.

Not all Muslims are like ISIS,

not all Americans act like “pigs,”

not all First-Worlds are snobby,

and not all models are just twigs.

If you look at only our shadows

and see that everyone is an individual,

perhaps you would not judge others so harshly,

and not think all of a category is despicable.

Copyright © 2015 Brianna G. Harte. All rights reserved.


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