“The Aijan Codes, 5”

Previously on “The Aijan Codes”: Kei, one of the five code holders, is lifted into the sky and finds Ecuardo, one of the last Qi Merovan who left for Earth over a hundred years ago, and learns a bit about his findings on Earth while waiting.

I let my camouflage dissipate, and as it did, the clouds sank so that they were just below me. Where the voice came from was neither in front of me nor to either side. Narrowing my eyes, I wondered. I tilted my head and gazed toward the sun above. Bright beams fell down into my eyes, momentarily blinding me. I had to squint in order to see anything. What I did see shocked me even more than I had thought possible. I mean, how many times do you see people’s faces emerging from a cloud hovering close by?

My heart nearly jumped out of my throat. “Don’t do that!”

“You mean flying next to a cloud? I do not see anything wrong with this. It was the way of our people hundreds of years ago, surely you know that,” he said.

“I don’t recall anyone being able to fly,” I said bluntly.

A frown replaced his smile quickly. “Have the leaders become so corrupt as to deprive you of your acknowledgement of your flight potential?”

“I work for our leaders, Ecuardo. That’s why I hold some of the codes,” I told him, raising my arm to show him my markings. “They are not corrupt.”
Ecuardo slowly became visible and separated himself from the cloud. “If they have not had the older generations guide you in flight, then something is clearly wrong. Nearly every Qi Merovan is born with the ability to fly, just as birds are. Let me show you.”

Suddenly, the force that had been pulling me upwards disappeared and I started to fall, desperately grasping for something to hold onto. Unfortunately, clouds are not as supportive as they seem from below. I fell through them all. The details of the waves below came into view.

“Ecuardo!” I screamed.


Copyright © 2015 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved.


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