“The Aijan Codes, 4”

After years of being an anchor to the ground, rising into the sky frightened me more than being inches from capture. I had no control at all at that moment and not the slightest clue as to who had shouted. Since danger still hung in the air, my eyes closed in concentration, and the color of my skin shifted. Air currents whistled and waves crashed against the boat below. The new color should be interesting. When my eyes opened, I could hardly breathe. Unlike usual, the mild tan gradually shifted into a transparent, clear color. This could be promising.

Of course, my black clothing counted as even more of a setback than it had been in the sea. Unless there were storm clouds, my cover would be null and void just because my abilities extended only to my body.

As if in tune with my thoughts, a storm cloud began to form on a cloudless day. Winds picked up, bringing in numerous others from the east. The dark cloud soon encompassed me, causing my skin to shift into a dark grey, less solid form. Of course, it was not made of cloud particles, but it appeared so.

“We’re far enough away from the three in the boat now. You can turn off your camouflaging now, Qi Merovan,” the voice called again.

This could be a trap. Though, why would someone who wishes to trap me want to aid in my hiding minutes ago? Thoughts such as these swarmed in my head. Better wait and see what he’s planning or who he is first in any case.

“You wish to hear proof?” he asked, causing my jaw to drop. Telepathy? “I am Ecuardo, one of the remaining Qi Merovan left on Earth a hundred and fifty years ago. My task was to learn of the Earth, its elements, its geography, and its secrets. What I learned in addition was that the five code protectors sent from our world as it underwent changes to become more capable of withstanding attacks, was that another race was sending its own agents to pursue you. I have not thought you to be of any danger, so you have been left alone. No need to disturb the land the humans walk on and pay much or too little attention to if it is not necessary. They should not know we are even here or their governments would pursue us as well. Earth governments seem to be keen on the submission of their enemies and destruction of what they do not know, at least that’s what I have observed.”

I took a risk and spoke, not entirely sure that Ecuardo, as he called himself, truly had the ability to read my mind. “Why should I believe you?”

Gullu paï, Kei,” a familiar voice said to my right.


Copyright © 2015 Brianna G Harte. All rights reserved.


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