“The Aijan Codes, 3: Lifted”

I leaned forward, distancing myself from the coral. The medium tan tone returned to my skin immediately. I glanced at the shadow above, then searched for any other option. Still nothing except for open sea lay nearby. With a huff, I swam upward in a diagonal motion, constantly eyeing the boat. Maybe I can stay down here a little longer and they will move away. The thought was quickly dismissed when it caused me to swallow the saltwater. I shuddered for a moment, deeply wishing that the repulsive salty taste would evacuate my mouth. Until water was below me, it would be impossible. The current harshly pushed against my skin as my arms and legs moved faster and with more strength. Must . . . get . . . air! Heavy splashes came from the right and behind. My heart beat fast. My lungs started to give in. Dark spots covered my eyes to compliment the redness that probably had been invading the whites long ago. The surface still was too far away. Twenty feet maybe. Thirty at most. Whatever the case, I wasn’t going to make it. Despite these thoughts, I pushed onward until I absolutely had to open my mouth again. Perhaps it was luck. Perhaps something had assisted me. Either way, I took a breath of air. That is, after I coughed the water I ingested minutes before. “Haha! Not so robust now that you’re in the water, are you?” a teasing voice called. I turned to find the boat not nearly as far as I had thought it would be, or rather, hoped it would be. Two strides and my hands could touch the girl’s hand. The air seemed to become cooler as I bowed my head, not daring enough to meet their eyes. A soft, low hum echoed through the space between the clouds and sea. At first, it seemed to come straight from the jaws of the dog whose eyes narrowed with sharp teeth barred. When the man in the trench coat lifted me out of the water and threw me into the back of the boat, the humming became omnipresent even though the face of the dog now hovered over my own. “Irin, do you hear that sound?” the man asked in a whisper, just loud enough for me to hear. “The humming? Of course,” the girl responded. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her reach for long sticks within a bag slung over her shoulder. “Perhaps we can catch two at once, though I’m sure we can get the secrets from the first soon enough.” A slight smile grew on my face. If only he or she would show. While the possibly rabid beast in front of me could deliver a significant amount of pain, I would jump at the sight of another like me. I’d been alone for so long . . . Soon after I thought that, the dog was thrown far from me and into the waters. The large splash that followed shook the boat, catching the man and girl off balance as they apparently had started to stand in the boat. Their momentary distraught brought much needed relief to my mind. “Qi Merovan! Get ready!” a voice shouted from somewhere near by. Seconds later, I was lifted into the air.


Copyright © 2015 BGH. All rights reserved.


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